Heirloom Malt Symposium with Brewing Award - Germany (Nürnberg)

  • 12/09/2018
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RMI Analytics launch the first “Heirloom & Terroir Barley and Malt Symposium 2018”

A compact and informative all-day session on the Monday before the BrauBeviale with 17 international expert speakers!

See, feel and taste the difference! As part of the Symposium, the 10 finalists of the first "Heirloom Malt Brewing Award" will serve a wide spectrum of beers made with heirloom and terroir malts (see list of finalists attached).


Selected Speakers:

- Horst Dornbusch, Cerevisia Communication, USA --> Moderator and Speaker

- Chris Swersey, Brewers Association, USA

- Martin Breun, Saatzucht Breun, Germany

- Chris Ridout, John Innes Centre, UK

- Johan Spendrup, Gotlands Bryggeri, Sweden

- Walter Koenig, German Brewing Barley Association, Germany

- John Mallett, Bell's Brewery, USA


Special price for breweries <200.000hL production volume: 200€ + VAT


Details and registration at

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