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List of laboratories

List of  80 laboratories throughout the 28 European Union Countries as well as Turkey, Norway and Switzerland that perform beer-related analysis that are either necessary or useful for the production of your beers. Laboratories not listed may contact BrewUp (

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EBC Reference Malt - Elaboration, homogenization, sampling and packaging for the determination of its analytical characteristics

This document sets the procedures to determine the manipulations employed for the selection of a batch of the BEC Reference Malt, its homogenization, sieving, sampling and packaging in order to obtain representative samples of malt for analytical purposes. These procedures were developed by the IFBM, the EBC exclusive supplier for the EBC Standard Malt, responsible for the barley selection, malting, blending and homogenization of batches as well as the packaging and shipping to customers.

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Cryptosporidium / Giarda

The objective of the BBPA Briefing Note is to avoid being caught unprepared if there is a food safety scare or incident that impacts beer. Protection of the beer category as a whole is the first line of defence in protecting individual brands. Please read the Guidance on use of the BBPA Briefing Notes.